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Bare Artistry  was created for professionals by professionals. We understand it's more than just a treatment for your clients, it's an art form. To be able to make them feel good about themselves through our passion, quality service, and products.


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We know it is important to have the tools that don't let you down when pushing your limits. We live in times in which permanent make-up artist and tattoo artist can do amazing things with the right tools.


Why They Love Bare Artistry

Bare artistry definitely brings a new standard of sterilization into the permanent make up world. I’m so thrilled to have discovered this company. I was surprised at the level of standards they even bring to a face mask.  A lot of face masks just come in a box, but these come individually wrapped. Packaging is adorable and they definitely have one of the best customer services in the business.

Jennifer B.

These are probably one of the best high quality microblading supplies Ive come across. It’s not common that a company will go through a quality check as thorough as them. These microblading pens come individually wrapped and sterilized with the cutest packaging. I love how it also comes with a pusher at the end to rub in the pigment. Normally i have to buy these individually, so its definitely cost efficient as well.

Natalie K.

One of the hottest new permanent makeup supplies in town! They have individually wrapped ring cups, anesthetic cups, masks, and more! I’m so thrilled to have found a company that takes so much pride in their quality control and delivers quality products. I definitely recommend this company to anyone new and existing in the industry!

Emma T.

One of the best supplies company I’ve found! I started using Bare Artistry’s microblading tools and I am impressed.  It is made to design clean crisp strokes for microbladed eyebrows.  The tools are individually wrapped and made with quality needles. I highly recommend trying out their supplies!  Bare Artistry know how to step up the game with sterilization.  I know I am getting my money’s worth!!!

Lindsy T.