Inkless Practice Skin
Inkless Practice Skin
Inkless Practice Skin

Inkless Practice Skin

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Inkless Practice Skin (Pack of 10)

Bare Artistry Inkless practice skins are designed to imitate human skin as much as possible and offer you a realistic experience. Will help you learn new cosmetic tattoo techniques, experiment with new tools and sharpen your skills!



  • Professional grade practice latex to enhance your microblading skills and control.
  • Our practice latex sheet does not require any ink, simply use your microblading pen on this to practice.
  • Comes with 12 pre-shaped double sided eyebrow design for you to practice just the same as if it were a real eyebrow.
  • this practice latex can also be used for practicing eyebrow tattoo design, eyebrow pigmentation and practice drawing your own eyebrow shape
  • Individually packaged

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