Sterilized Microblading Handle
Sterilized Microblading Handle
Sterilized Microblading Handle

Sterilized Microblading Handle

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Microblading Handle Black (Box of 10)

Bare Artistry Disposable Microblading Handles are made with high quality aluminum for lightweight and durable effectiveness. To allow for stable handling and precision strokes, it has a lock pin technology which eliminates slippage and errors. The grip has a cross hatching that allows for easy tightening to prevent the tips from shifting during use. Its universal blade-head holds any kinds of blades possible; ranging from round shading blades, U blades, to regular 7-17 blades and many others! Making it possible for it’s user to be versatile with only a single pen. To ensure the highest level of sterilization; every handle is sterilized and individually packaged.


  • Handles is free from any residue and rust and assembling in a dedicated clean room
  • Every Handle package receives Lot No. and Expiration Date for secure and safety tracking
  • Handles and packaging are are sterilized by Gamma Ray and Ethylene Oxide (E.O) Gas with the latest sealing technology to avoid cross contamination.

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